The Pike Division

A pike was a long spear like weapon, a Pikeman carried the eighteen foot long ‘spear’, wore a heavy steel helmet and armour made up of back and breast plates and carried a short sword.

This was a considerable weight to carry and the larger, stronger recruits were chosen for this role. For these two reasons the fighting formations or ‘divisions’ of Pikemen commanded a great deal of respect. The pike was an unwieldy, heavy and extremely short range weapon. 

The pike division was used in a defensive role against cavalry, the officers and other troops being able to hide behind a hedge of spear points when threatened, and in an offensive role when the opposing pike divisions closed on each other and engaged in hand to hand fighting and ‘pushing’ with the pikes. Which is demonstrated in our promotional video under the “videos” tab.

We will provide the weapons, armour and training needed for you to experience life in the pike division. If this sounds like something your interested in fill out the form at the bottom of the page to make an inquiry

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