Though all the talk of fighting with big sticks and going whoosh-bang sounds fun it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. For a somewhat quieter but no less important a role, Living History could be for you.

If you have young children or a disability you can find your niche here. This is a vital part of our regiment and a great opportunity to learn new skills for example weaving and spinning, pot making, scribing, helping to prepare authentic food and in general demonstrating old arts and crafts which can be almost anything. We will guide you through this process and find something you really enjoy.

To make sure the kids and even yourselves learn and do as much as possible we can teach you how to properly and safely sword fight, how to wield a pike, try on a wide range of armour and helmets, try authentic 17th century food, how to play the drums and flute. In some events you can even take part in small battle scenarios where you can provide the role of a castles civilian inhabitants or a Lady’s family (Pictures Below) this really helps add to the story we  create.

Fun can and will be had by all, the choice is yours and nobody minds if you don’t want to fight. We’re all a great team which makes up the regiment – come and enjoy – if camp following is too dull, you can always build up to fighting.

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