Joining In

Lord Hopton’s Regiment is essentially a virtual reality entrance into the seventeenth century. You can choose your own role before hand or you can just as easily turn up and do a different role every time. It’s up to you.

Click on the images to find out about each important role within the regiment.

Below this there is a enquiry form which you can fill out if you would like to find out more. This can also be found on the role pages.

Becoming a member

The main advantage for becoming a member is the opportunity to come to 10+ events per year with all your equipment, camping and training included for free. You do not have to sign up for a full membership straight away as we offer temporary memberships for £5 which cover everything for a single weekend. This will help get a feel for the regiment and see if it’s something you want to do before fully committing. We will assist you throughout your development within the regiment for example helping you along the way in gaining a blackpowder license in order to fire a musket.

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What Will You Experience?

To actually walk onto the battlefield and see what people 375 years ago may have witnessed is something you won’t forget, hearing the muskets and cannons firing and the pike blocks clashing is stunning. You will make life long friends, go places you would never expect and most of all have a whole lot of fun doing something you probably never dreamed of doing.

The regiment isn’t just about reenacting, there is a huge social aspect to it with parties, campfires, live music, beer tents/pubs and more. There are always family friendly things going on and by the end of the weekend, the Hoptons members will make you feel like you’ve known them for years.


After a very warm welcome at the march In Whitehall I had an excellent time at my first battle and muster In Newark and look forward to being involved in the future
Ross P
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