Hoptons First Event Guide


1: Pre – planning and packing.

Before every event we do, our Commanding Officer Phil Davies sends out what we call a warning order. This will give you a quick run down of the specific event and what arrangements you may need to make. I strongly advise to give this a thorough read. To access this open the attachment I have sent you.


List of essentials (If there are things on this list you do not have let me know and the regiment can provide them)


1: tent (Unless your local)

2: Something to sleep on, Airbed, camp bed, or the ground if you prefer

3: Something to keep you warm as the night can get chilly e.g thick coat and jumper, sleeping bag, Duvet (I always bring mine from home) hot water bottle can be handy.

4: all your usual toiletries inc a towel

5: I advise investing in a portable charger for your phone, can be very handy to have.

6: Appropriate changes of clothes for the length of the event.

7: food you can add hot water to and snacks etc this can be handy in order to save money

8: Camping chair

9: Belt, this is extremely handy for keeping up the looser fitting reenactor “trousers” or as we call the breeches.


2: Arriving

When you arrive at the campsite there will be an entrance tent (We call this a guard tent) there will be members from the organising regiment stationed there, just ask for Hoptons and they will point you In the right direction. It differs what people do when they first  get to an event however for the most part as soon as i arrive I get my tent up so it’s all sorted for the rest of the day. The campsite is almost always modern or as we call it “plastic camping”  Over the course of the day myself or other members will help you get your kit sorted including shoes, armour, helmets, clothing etc so it’s all ready for when you get up bright and early the next day. If you happen to arrive a day later we will do the same, ready for the battle and/or living history later on in the afternoon.


3: Evenings/Downtime

Depending on the event there can be a lot of spare time during the day where we are not re – enacting, this is usually filled with a lot of social aspects, especially in the evening where we hold parties, campfires, Live music (Sometimes) You name it! All are very chilled and a lot of fun. Many of us during the day between Drill and battle like to go and help out with the living history and talk to the public, this will probably come after your first few events though.


3: Mornings

When you wake up there will always be people about. Often (not always) we have a breakfast tent which, for a small price will give you a full english, tea, bacon sandwiches etc. This is the hub of the campsite in the mornings. Every morning at around 10.30 am we will hold a regimental drill, usually within the campsite and away from the public. This is where we will train you in how to hold, march and maneuver a Pike, Musket, Drum or Cannon. You will be surprised by how much you know in such a short space of time,


4: Battle

This is the epicentre of the whole event. On at least two days we hold a full scale battle reenactment with upwards of 500 people on the field. This will for the most part be around 3pm. Your first battle experience will be amazing and something never experienced before. It really gives you a sense of what these soldiers 400+ years ago may of felt, seen and heard. This first battle will determine which role you will prefer to take part in. If you go in as a pikeman and don’t enjoy it (And vice versa) then the next day you can try and be a musketeer or something completely different. This happens a lot to our new members so let us know if you want to change roles,


5: End of the event


After the battle on the final day, people will come back to the campsite, rest for a bit and most will pack up their tent and say goodbye. Some however do like to stay an extra day these are usually the lucky ones who don’t have work or are retired!


So, that is it. You are prepared for your first event, I look forward to meeting you if i have not done so already and i can ensure that your weekend will be one to remember!


The King and the Cause!



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