The English Civil War Society

The English Civil War Society


What we do
The two elements of the English Civil War Society, the King’s Army and the Roundhead Association, are organisations of enthusiasts who gather together at ‘musters’ throughout the country during the annual ‘campaign season’, which lasts from March to October, to re-enact events of the English Civil Wars. We have been active for over 25 years, seeking to recreate that turbulent period in English history, when the country was torn apart by a Civil War in which brother fought against brother.

School visits and promotional or media events
A volunteer society such as ours may not always be able to able to respond to requests for school visits or participation in promotional events and media activities. To find out whether we can help please read the full article, which also has contact details.

ECWS Regiments
The English Civil War Society comprises two armies, The King’s Army and the Roundhead Association. Each of these armies has a number of different regiments or units. Many of them have their own websites and you can find the complete list in the full article.

How to join us
The English Civil War Society is comprised of two separate armies who each govern their affairs in different ways. The Royalists are represented by the King’s Army and the Parliamentarians by the Roundhead Association. Both of these armies have a number of regiments, each having its own unique character and each being permitted to set its own annual membership subscription rates. So, it is not possible to join the English Civil War Society directly. Instead you must apply to join one of the regiments that form part of either the Royalist or Parliamentarian armies.

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