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Immerse yourself into the 17th century by marching into battle with Hopton’s Regiment. Our battles are carefully organised  demonstrations of history with a little added chaos and fun. With Cannons booming and pike divisions clashing this really is the highpoint of your weekend away.

When we aren’t doing living history or going to battle we love to sit around campfires, have parties, listen to live music and perhaps have the odd pint or two. There is truly something unique about camping in amazing, historical locations surrounded by friends. Even socialising at the breakfast tent in the morning and discussing the day ahead is something we all cherish. 

It really doesn’t cost that much. As a regiment we own a lot of spare helmets, muskets, clothing, pikes, armour and more so there is no need to go out and spend £100’s on new equipment. All we ask from you, after your first, free event is an annual membership fee of £40. This gives you access to camping at all of our events, the battles, the equipment, Living History and more. 

Although we love a party and a battle, it all comes from a love of history and the English Civil War. We go to schools, talk to the public at our living history encampments, some of us write books and do an immense amount of research into the period of history in which we love. Oh, and there is always a discussion  about what ACTUALLY might have happened 400 years ago. 

On our travels we camp in some truly beautiful places. This can range from castles, hillsides, the rolling fields of the English countryside or even a pub garden. Often where we camp has historical significance and it feels like you really are walking in the shoes of the men and women of the English Civil War

Our regiment is full of people from all walks of life. We have a multitude of students, family’s, single adults, children, teenagers you name it. This great mix helps to make all our new recruits feel at home almost straight away, no matter who they are. 

Live the 17th century

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Lord Hoptons Pikeman

This is Sam, He is a member of our Pike division and has been for 10+ years. Easily recogniseable by his leather, brown buff coat, worn under his steel back and breast plate.

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Lord Hoptons Officer

This is Stephen, He is a long serving member of our regiment and has been here since it's very formation, 50 Years ago. He is often found on the field directing troop movements as well as getting stuck in to the parliamentarian musket every now and again.

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